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IE6 upozornenie - doplnok

ie6warning1_thPlugin pre Joomla 1.5, ktorý pri prehliadaní stránky pod prehliadačom Internet Explorer 6.0. V tomto plugine je zaimplementovaný aj slovenský jazyk. Stiahnutie pluginu alebo samostatného súboru so slovenským jazykom na stiahnutie čoskoro.


This plugin detect Internet "Exploiter" 6 and display severals alternatives for download (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and IE7).

You can configure the plugin for allow or not to continue visiting your webpage to IE6 web browsers but with a warning.

Code based in

Have a special "IE6 sucks" mode. >:>

Include the language files in Slovak, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Farsi, French, Galician, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italiano, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (PT and BR), Romanian, Russian and Serbian (Latin and Cirilic).

The installation instructions:

1) Install the from Joomla
2) Activate the plugin